Uses of Convex Mirrors

Uses of Convex Mirrors

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A convex mirror is a spherical mirror in which the light reflecting surface bugles. The convex mirrors have numerous applications. They are used for various purposes. Convex mirrors are referred to as fisheye mirrors by the automobile enthusiasts and diverging mirrors by the physicists. The reason why physicists refer the convex mirror as the diverging mirror is because of its property to diverge the light rays when it falls on the reflecting surface. It is because of this property that convex mirrors have many uses.

The images formed in convex mirrors are virtual images. These virtual images are very smaller when compared to the size of the object. Hence most of the uses of convex mirrors will be in places where bigger objects need to be viewed in small size. Concave mirrors and plane mirrors cannot provide a wide view. When compared to both convex mirrors can render a wider view.  In this article, we will discuss the various applications of convex mirrors.

Inside buildings

You might have noticed that large office buildings, stores, hospitals, and other many other buildings have convex mirrors in the corners. It is because the convex mirrors that are placed in the corners will help people not to run into each other by providing the view of people coming from the other side.


We might have used sunglasses many times. But not even once we bothered to notice or even think that the glass that is used is a convex mirror. The convex mirror actually reflects the sunlight and prevents it from reaching the eyes.

Vehicle mirrors

We would have noticed and read the statement that objects seen in the mirror are closer than they look. But the one thing that we would have not noticed is that the mirrors are convex mirrors. The reasons for using convex mirrors are they can diverge light and can make virtual images.

Magnifying glasses

Convex mirrors are used for making magnifying glasses. The property of the convex mirrors to diverge light is the reason why convex mirrors are used to make them. Actually, two convex mirrors are stuck together by placing them back to back for creating a magnifying glass.

For security purposes

There are a lot of places that use convex mirrors for security purposes. The best and the most common example is that you would have seen in ATMs. They are placed on the ATMs so that the person who is operating the ATM will know if some person is approaching from the back.

Street light reflectors

Most of us would have called it doom or with some other name. But the truth is that the upper part of the street light is a convex mirror. Since the convex mirror has the property to diverge light, it is used as the reflector in street lights so that it could spread the light to large areas.

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