Services the postal department provides

Services the postal department provides

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The postal department, also called US Mail, Postal Office or Postal Service, refers to an independent branch of US federal government charged with the responsibility of offering postal services. Authorized explicitly by the constitution, the department offers the services in the states as well as insular and associated states. To get a clear picture about the US postal department and the services that it provides search for Liteblue .

Services the postal department provides

  1. Mailing Services

The department mails postcards, large envelops, letters, and packages within the states and from the US to other countries. While posting, the department allows you to choose your ideal service depending on speed cost as well as extra services. When sending your document internationally, you have to fill custom declaration forms which are exclusively electronically generated.

However, anyone who cannot fill them electronically is allowed to hand over hand-written Customs to the retail clerk who, in turn, converts the same into electronic forms and their behalf.

  1. Military Mail

The Postal Service delivers packages and letters to more than five hundred military post offices in various parts of the world. Virtually all the services available for local mail are offered on military mail. However, there are slight restrictions on weight, size, and content of the mail. Currently, the USPS gives customers reduced prices on PMLF sent to FPO/APO destinations. An online calculator is available to help you calculate beforehand the amount you will pay for the various destinations.

  1. Postage Stamps

The department sells postage stamps customers for subsequent use in posting letters and other packages to their friends and loved ones. Postage stamps come at various prices depending on the weight of the document, distance between the sender and the receiver, speed chosen and other additional services. Since documents vary in urgency you should settle for the price option that best suits your needs.

  1. Grocery Delivery

Working with the world’s largest retailers like Amazon, the department delivers groceries and other foods items in specific locations within the United States. This service comes in handy for people who are incapacitated in one way or another. Since it allows customers to pay for the goods online at the comfort of their homes, grocery delivery not only saves time but also lowers the overall prices of these vital products.

  1. Safe transfers of funds

Through money order services the USPS provides a secure and reliable way to send cash. Unlike hard cash, lost money orders are replaceable, making them extremely safe. You can purchase domestic money orders at any post office, albeit in amounts of 1000 dollars each. However, international ones, to specific countries, are available in amounts as low as 700 dollars each. So, whenever you are sending cash to anyone in a different location, consider using this post office service.


The postal department provides the above crucial services in the US. Additionally, in a bid to compete with other industry players, USPS is planning to in the recent future introduce enhanced services. These services include mail notification which tells customers what to expect from their emails through email, same-day delivery service as well as delivery of beer, spirits, and alcohol. The congress will have to consent to the last since the law currently prohibits the department from providing the service.

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