Defensive Driving Course

Do you need a Defensive Driving Course and how to book one?

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If you’re not a professional driver, there’s a likely chance that you’re satisfied with your driving skills. After all, you use a car only to run some errands, drop the kids at the school, or go to work. Even if you’re not using your driving skills frequently, you can’t deny the fact that you could use some practice down the line.

Today, I want to talk about Defensive Driving Course as one way to sharpen your driving skills, boost your driving self-confidence, and bring you some insurance reductions, too.Defensive Driving Course

Who needs a Defensive Driving Course

If you’re thinking about taking a Defensive Driving Course voluntarily, you probably doubt your driving skills. Maybe you heard your friend talk about this course (which can, by the way, be taken online – make sure you check out whether your state supports taking online defensive driving courses) or you just feel the need to act responsibly and improve your driving skills without anyone forcing you.

On the other hand, there are situations where you’ll be required to take Defensive Driving Course. For example, if you’ve been involved in a car accident or a lighter traffic incident, you might be suggested to take this course. Additionally, the court might recommend taking this class to prescribe you a lighter sentence. However, don’t expect that you won’t have to pay the fine – the incident will be noted in your records, and the fine will have to be paid.

If you’re eligible for taking a defensive driving course, you will receive a letter of a notification issued by a state department that manages your case. You can always call the offices or court by yourself and ask whether you’re eligible or not.

How to book a Defensive Driving Course

defensive driving courseDepending on the state you reside in, booking an online defensive driving course may be allowed as a means to improve your driving skills or to avoid paying the fine for traffic incident you’ve been involved in. Make sure you get informed on whether you can book an online course in your state or not.

In some states, a defensive driving course is scheduled on a regular yearly or monthly basis. For example, in the state of New York, drivers take this course every 36 months, while in Texas they take a class every 12 months.
In case that online course is prohibited, you should book a regular defensive driving course. Depending on your level of driving skills or the reason why you’re taking the course, the instructor will recommend how many hours you should spend on the trail. The time varies between several hours per day to almost 8 hours per day.

Before you book a course, make sure you fulfill the requirements. They include possessing a valid, non-commercial driver’s license; an eligible moving violation, if required; not having completed a prior course; a driving record and a car insurance policy, to get a premium reduction.

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